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November 6, 2008
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Saiou x Orgene for Claire by SamCyberCat Saiou x Orgene for Claire by SamCyberCat
Belated birthday picture for :iconsmuddragon:

Hopefully my pairing choice was okay. ^^
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Great picture! I especially like Saiou and all his buttons and buckles. He's quite sexy. :)
Thank you. :D Saiou tries hard to look sexy. ;P
Ha ha, well, all his effort paid off! :)
SmudDragon Nov 6, 2008  Hobbyist
ZOMGYAY you couldn't have picked a better pairing to draw :iconx3v2plz: Told you I didn't know what you were worried about! =P

I just love their pose, it looks like they're on the glass table, muahaha :D And Sartorius is doing his evil smile and the rape-eyes XD The way he's pushing Orgene over, that's awesome--there's no escape >.>

And... *looks closer* That's not even possessed!Orgene, so he's not going to just say "yes master" and roll over (yet ;P). Though he looks more surprised than anything, I don't think he's against it at all--look where his left hand is XD

Epic sexy win :D Thankyou so much for the picture and another fun year :iconiloveyouplz:
Glad that you liked the choice. :D I was worried it'd seem more like I was drawing it for me than you. XD

Yes they are, and the man under the table is getting an ass-shot. :D

I thought about it but in the end I decided that it had to be non-possessed Orgene, just because we need to have more sex with these two when the prince is with it. XD But yes, the prince wants sex so he's not going to push off this man. =3

You're more than welcome~ Christmas will be better, though I may need your address again if I can't find where I put the other copy. XD
SmudDragon Nov 9, 2008  Hobbyist
There's no way you could like the pairing more than me =P We're totally on the same wavelength.

So who IS the guy under the table? XD Sartorius' last victim? (So that could make it Aster, or Chazz, or Bastian XD)

Muahahaha, Orgene doesn't even need to be possessed (but Sartorius will no doubt do it anyway, just because power trips are awesome XD)

D'awwwwww, as if I wasn't already looking forward to Christmas.. <3
No, you're it's number one supporter. :D I would not try to take the throne away from you. ^^

I honestly don't know. Who do you think would freak people out more better Chazz and Bastian? =P

Sartorius sort of feels as if something isn't right if the person he's seducing isn't possessed. XD

I've already bought your presents. :D
Naw, we're totally even on this one ^^

Well, if Chazz started talking to the Ojamas as well...

He really likes that blank expression and monotone voice =P

:iconiloveyouplz: I don't know what to say.
So we need to buy a bigger throne really? =P

Then he's just the guy who's mumbling to himself. XD

It's a wonder he didn't go after dub!Zane then. =P

Don't say anything, you'll laugh when you get them. XD
Do they come in two-seaters? XD

So he's under the table watching you and having a conversation with nothing! XD

BURRRN XD You win :highfive:

:iconx3v2plz: I have no idea what I can do in return!
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