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April 23, 2012
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006. Tower by SamCyberCat 006. Tower by SamCyberCat
Done for 006. Tower of the Layton 100 Themes.

You can see :iconmoonstar102:'s version here: [link]

NOTE: This description contains spoilers for Professor Layton and the Lost/Unwound Future, so please don't read if you haven't completed the game.

"Tower" was another theme were I always knew what it was I wanted to draw, even if I knew the outcome wouldn't look as good as it did it my head. xD So here we have the Towering Pagoda from the third game, along with Dimitri, Claire and Monocle!Layton.

It's sort of a bit of shameless promotion for my currently unwritten Monocle fanfic, "Opportunists", even though it'll still be a long time before I'm ready to write that fic at all. All three of these characters will be involved it in, though I'm not sure to what extent, since fics never pan out the way I want them to in terms of character use. Like in "A Covered Flame", initially I'd wanted half of the story to be about Dimitri & Claire and half of it to be about Layton & Clive, but in the end, while Layton & Clive's roles were still important, it definitely ended up being mostly Dimitri & Claire's story. So I can't say exactly how big a roles these three will have in this fic, just that I hope that they (along with Clive, Luke and Crow) will be the main characters.

Also, in no point in the fic will Claire be floating above the Towering Pagoda with angel wings. That's just false advertising. =P

And, ugh, Monocle's head looks so big and wrong here... *Hides in shame*
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capcappucca222 May 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow I honestly love the whole composition and way the picture was put together. It's just fantastic... :D

And I do hope you write that fic!... sounds like it'd be interesting to read! :D
Thanks very much!

I really hope to be able to write it sometime with year, but there's still a lot of the plot that needs to be sorted out. xD
Moonstar102 Apr 28, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Cool Tower, Moniclas HQ >D
intresting fic cant wait to read it.
I really hope the fic does end up as good as I hope it'll be. But it still might be some time before I get to write it. ^^
Moonstar102 Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
You will get the time possably at the end of the summer ^^
When all the tourists go away. XD
Moonstar102 May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
yes XD
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