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February 28, 2012
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001. Mystery by SamCyberCat 001. Mystery by SamCyberCat
Done for 001. Mystery of the Layton 100 Themes.

You can see :iconmoonstar102:'s version here: [link]

Gemma and I decided to up the game by trying to do two pictures for the 100 themes every week when we can. I'm sure it'll be fine, since most weeks I seem to update with one 100 theme picture and one random other picture anyway. Help keeps them more focused. xD

So, for this week the theme she chose was the first one. I admit that I'd kind of been dreading this one coming up, because I'd thought about it so much but still had no idea what to do. There are so many mysteries in the PL series, it was hard to picture one out.

But since I'm on a bit of a Black Raven kick right now I decided to go for that. So a simple picture of Layton, Luke and Emmy puzzling over the Black Raven. Which admittedly isn't one of the serie's secrets that stays a mystery for very long, but oh well! XD
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Moonstar102 Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Layton Looks really pissed off there.
Emmy, Luke. Where your hands? are you groping Layton and thay why he anoyed? XD LJ

Sorry ^^;

Brillent Ider ^^
Haha, no one can resist groping Layton. xD
Moonstar102 Mar 6, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
No its seem to be the in thnig when hes arouund to grup him XD
You're right, I was expecting the Black Raven thing to be mysterious for much longer than it was.

Oh my god, Luke's cute little face. He has eyelashes XD
In a way, I can see why they didn't draw it out - because it would be a lot of time to devote to something that ultimately wasn't all that relevant to the main plot. But at the same time the Black Raven was my favourite part of that game, so I'm a bit sad that they didn't make a bigger deal of it.

Yu-Gi-Oh has convinced me that I must draw all men with eyelashes. XD
I remember when I first saw the box art with the Black Raven on it and I thought "holy shit, a plague doctor! THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE SO WEIRD AND AWESOME" XD

All anime tells us this is so. XD
Only for them to never touch on the plague doctor aspect at all. xD I swear that it's on my to-do list to at least reference it in a fic at some point. ^^
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