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So if Layton's not going to be the main character in the new game then where do you think he is? 

5 deviants said He's busy elsewhere but will appear in the game to some extent
1 deviant said He's busy elsewhere and won't appear in the game himself
1 deviant said He dead
No deviants said Other


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27th May 2016: I figured that I should get that last long journal off here, even though my situation hasn't changed since then. I'm still doing a lot of hours at work and might even need to up that still due to recent car troubles and other such boring stuff that isn't interesting to read about but I have to deal with anyway.

With Grasping Liquid, it's probably obvious already, but I've decided to go with the option of just logging on at least once a week to upload a chapter and run, even if I sadly don't have time to reply to messages when I do this. I have a few more chapters to post before I've exhausted my current backlog. After that I'd like to try and at least finish Act Four and the following side story before I assess if I still have as much time to carry on with it as I'd like.

The main reason I wanted to make a journal though is to warn of an incoming posting spam on my part (um, if you're reading this after that's already happened then I'm sorry). Because yesterday was the birthday of a character I like, Kisumi Shigino, and there was an event celebrating it on tumblr. Because of that I'd been stockpiling Kisumi art and fics in any free moment for a while now. But I didn't have time to post them here yesterday on his actual birthday. Because of that I'm going to drop them all off in one big update. So I'm sorry if this is a lot of submissions about something that doesn't interest you, but it's just a one-off since I figured this would be the best way to do it. If you do like Kisumi though then you're in luck because I have a lot of Kisumi heading this way. XD

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United Kingdom
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This account is not spoiler-free. Please be cautious if you're looking through fanwork for any of the series I post here.

Sadly, because I work pretty unpredictable shifts in my current job I'm not around very much to reply to messages any more. So I apologise if it takes me a while to get back to you.

I am happy for my work to be featured in most groups that ask. However I do NOT want my work to be featured in anti groups (i.e. groups against a certain character, series or pairing) or groups that have anti-homosexuality rules (or other rules in favour of prejudice). Thank you for understanding.

Please ask before taking any of my work to post on other websites. This includes for use on Tumblr. I have my own account there and would prefer to post my work myself. If there's anything here that you particularly want me to post on Tumblr then let me know and I will, since most of my older stuff isn't posted there.

Lastly, I hate to have to say this, but please don't message me asking me to contact other people on your behalf (e.g. "This person hasn't been replying to my notes, can you ask them why?"). It's uncomfortable for me to deal with messages like this and most of the time I get sent these messages it's about something that isn't anything to do with me. Please respect that my time online is limited and I'm not your messenger-pigeon.

PL Cam

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Yamigirl21 Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016
Happy Birthday my dear friend! :)  Check your email ok? Hope to hear from you again soon! :party: :airborne:
SamCyberCat Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016
Thank you once again for the kind gift, Kathie! I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate it. In the end I also picked up a couple of books as well as the headphones and still have vouchers left over to spare. :)
Yamigirl21 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
You're very welcome my friend! :hug: It was the least I could do for you!  I hope that things will start to get better for the both of us now that we have new jobs.  I hope we'll be able to support ourselves AND have time for the things we enjoy!  Here's hoping at least!  Best of luck and I hope to hear from you again soon! :wave:
thingy-me-jellyfis Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day, get some wonderful presents, and eat some delicious food! :party:
SamCyberCat Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016
Thank you very much! I did get lots of nice presents (mostly books and Free! merch) and ate some king prawn fried rice, which is accidentally becoming a birthday tradition. XD
thingy-me-jellyfis Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016
That sounds like a good birthday! ^^ There is so much Free! merchandise everywhere here, you would probably be in heaven! XD
SamCyberCat Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016
I can imagine that I would be! There's a site I follow that posts news of the latest Free! merch and they have something new posted almost every few days. At first I was lucky that my favourite character for that series is kind of a minor character who rarely got included in merchandise, but then I think they realised that he sells well, so now he's being included a lot more. My poor bank account doesn't need this. XD
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julayla Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016  Hobbyist
Happy birthday today
SamCyberCat Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016
Thanks very much!
Gin93 Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016
Happy birthday
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