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Nina and Wolfie by SamCyberCat Nina and Wolfie :iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 12 21 PL Doodles + Professor Birch by SamCyberCat PL Doodles + Professor Birch :iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 15 21 SouRin - Sofa by SamCyberCat SouRin - Sofa :iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 14 5
Trail Mix - Part Nine
As the smoke from the fire billowed up into the sky, Sousuke wondered if it would attract attention. Not from zombies, although that was also a possibility, but from anyone passing through, like a search team. It was nice to dream. Maybe once they were finally settled somewhere they could put more thought into how to gain the notice of anyone who might help them.
It was just him and his mother right now, watching the bodies burn like observers to the most sadistic bonfire. That almost would be the true, but neither of them were getting any enjoyment out of the sight.
Everyone had insisted that Hayato not be around for this, even though he'd kept saying that he could manage. It dawned on Sousuke in that moment that this was now the world Hayato would potentially grow up in. On one hand, it was better for his survival that he accepted this early. But on the other hand, what sort of poor, jaded person would Hayato become growing up like this?
So Kisumi had taken Hayato away for a while, f
:iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 5 5
Questioning Comets
They'd met up a few times now and each time was an experience that Pearl found herself thinking about long after it was over. They talked a lot. Well... mostly Pearl talked and she would listen. She liked to listen, Pearl noticed. Even though there were times that Pearl would wonder if she understood half of what Pearl was saying, she always seemed fascinated by it. Sometimes she asked questions just to hear the answers that Pearl would give.
On one such night, they were sat looking out at the stars. Which left Pearl with a strange feeling inside anyway. Thinking about homeworld was difficult for a lot of reasons and that was why Pearl wasn't fully prepared for her next question.
“What do you think shooting stars are?” she asked, “They say that they're bits of comets or something, yeah? But you always talk about space so much, I bet you think they're something different.”
As usual, Pearl scoffed at the silly ideas humans came up with to explain what they didn't
:iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 3 5
Getting Home on Time
Kiki knew that when it came to her sister, rules were more like guidelines than anything else. Actually, scratch that, rules were more like something that happened to other people. It wasn’t as if Jenny was malicious by anyone’s reckoning, she just danced to the beat of her own drum and didn’t care what anyone thought.
…Or almost anyone. She’d still beg Kiki not to tell their dad if she was going to be late. Which she always was.
But overall, Kiki just let her get on with it for the most part. It wasn’t as if Jenny going out with her friends was hurting Kiki in at all, especially since usually she was out after Fish Stew Pizza had already shut for the day anyway.
It was on one such occasion that Jenny was taking out the rubbish and she heard a car pull up, followed by voices. One of which definitely belonged to Jenny.
She wasn’t the nosy type, not really, but even so Jenny was concerned about her sister. She quietly put the bags of rubbish into
:iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 2 2
Changing the Filter
At some point, you had to ask yourself how much of what you were doing was for the reasons you told yourself they were for. All those delicate, elaborate reasons you came up with to convince yourself and others that you were right.
Were any of them true?
Surely some of them were. No one tries to change the world unless they truly believe in their cause. You don't just get out of bed one morning and become an eco-terrorist, as Maxie had been called. There were a lifetime of reasons that led up to him believing that humanity would be better off if it had the space to expand. All he'd ever asked was for people to believe his words and let him get on with doing what was best for them.
Yet people were not very good at doing what they were told. There'd always someone there to oppose you, sometimes just for the sake of standing at the other side of the fence. They come up with all sorts of arguments and, even though you're right and they're wrong, you're forced to explain yourself in ways th
:iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 3 8
Hug Meme Doodles by SamCyberCat Hug Meme Doodles :iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 18 12
Moves Across the Land - Letter to Sousuke
Sousuke felt a wave of guilt when Gou answered the phone, because he knew that she had nothing new to say to him. Nothing had changed since the last time that he'd called and he was calling too frequently. But while Rin was... like this, he couldn't stop himself from worrying. He would keep calling until something changed and in the mean time, annoy poor Gou with his insistence.
“Hey Sousuke,” she said, before he even had a chance to speak.
“Hey... um, I'm sorry to call again,” Sousuke muttered, “Has there been... any changes?”
“Not since yesterday, no,” Gou replied, “He's still shut up in his room, refusing to talk to me... I almost didn't take his food up this morning, hoping that would get him to move, but that wouldn't have been fair. He'll... he'll have to recover in time, but... well, he's so torn up about this. I've never seen him this way about anything before.”
“He was close to Makoto,” agreed Sousuke. Of
:iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 4 3
Mature content
Trail Mix - Part Eight :iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 4 4
Trail Mix - Part Seven
Sousuke wasn't sure what had caused him to act in the way he had done. The one principal that he'd had to accept since the start of this was that he had to look at his actions objectively. With everyone constantly on the verge of panic, no good would come of him being the same way, so he needed to be ready for anything and, if he had time to do so, stop to analyse any situation before taking action.
But truthfully, that wasn't who Sousuke was. He acted with his heart more than his head when it came down to it. And so far all the decisions they'd made that he'd felt were logical – leaving the shop, taking the gun, going with a vote for what to do about Haru – had resulted in everyone becoming annoyed or at the very least unsettled.
The choice to take Haru with them was the one matter that stuck out like a sore thumb when it came to choosing with his head or his heart. It had been neither. Both head and heart were in agreement that the better choice would have been to leave h
:iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 4 5
Trail Mix - Part Six
“This is crazy! You can't actually be serious!” Kisumi yelled, his stared fixed upon Makoto.
“I am serious,” Makoto replied. He returned the glare with one of his own and it was obvious to Sousuke that he was trying to sound calmer than he actually felt.
Not for the first time, Sousuke wished that Rin was here. Rin was a natural born leader and even if he didn't know the answer in a situation he was able to rally people together to help them reach a decision. Rin knew how to handle arguments. It was a skill that Sousuke didn't possess. He'd seen and been involved in his fair share of conflicts, sure, but if someone disagreed with him then he'd never seen the point in wasting breath trying to convince them otherwise. Except in situations like this, you couldn't just walk away from the debate. They needed a leader to bring them to a decision and Sousuke had the terrible suspicion that role was going to fall to him.
Also not for the first time, Sousuke tried to sto
:iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 5 8
The Virtue of Honesty
The words of a sapphire were valued highly within gem society. How could they not be? A gem who could tell you exactly what was going to happen in the future was an important ally to have and the rarity of sapphires only added to the desire that others had to hear from them.
And yet... Sapphire, the one that was walking through these halls today, did not often give word of her visions out to others. She could see their reactions to her words just as clearly as she could see what she was telling them coming to pass. Before they even got to her, she knew that they were coming and in many cases she would give them news that they didn't want to hear. The future, the real future, was not as bright as many might hope. That was something that Sapphire had long since accepted, but not something that many others could. She'd seen in her mind the faces of gems who'd reacted violently or, worse, broken down in tears to what she could have said of their fates. So, for the sake of all of them, she
:iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 4 14
Grasping Liquid - Part Forty-Six
When the two of them greeted Gus and Guntz at the train station, Crow was a buzz of excitement. Although it was obvious that this was directed towards Guntz more than it was Gus. Not that Gus seemed to mind, he passed Guntz over to Crow without hesitation and then chuckled as Crow held the baby with a delicate sense of wonder.
“Little Guntz... 'ello there! Though ya ain't as little as I remembah,” Crow cooed.
“Yeah, he's had a bit of a growth spurt,” replied Gus, “Because he was premature, we had to be very careful for the first few months. But Mari's mum says that he's about the average size for his age now, which is a relief.”
“So 'ow was the journeh?” asked Badger, feeling that if Crow wasn't going to do it then he at least should talk to Gus about something other than his child.
“Not so bad. I always thought that it'd be longer, but now I know that's not the case I'll try to visit more often. Guntz didn't fuss at all, so that wa
:iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 1 3
PL3 Christmas by SamCyberCat PL3 Christmas :iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 16 51 Black Ravens Snapshots by SamCyberCat Black Ravens Snapshots :iconsamcybercat:SamCyberCat 13 6

Favourite Night in the Woods main character? 

9 deviants said I cannot pick! They are all wonderful!
4 deviants said Gregg
4 deviants said Bea
3 deviants said Mae
1 deviant said Angus


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Been a while since I've done one of these! Tagged by :icondontstopbelievin123:

-Write the rules in your journal entry if you're tagged
-Write 13 facts about yourself
-Answer 13 questions from me who tagged you
-Make your own 13 questions
-Tag 13 users
-No tagging back
-Not forbidden to tag anyone
- I'm not even sure I know 13 people still active on dA who fill these in, so I'm gonna have to ignore these rules

13 Facts About Me

1. I'm left-handed.

2. I have synesthesia in regards to perceiving letters and numbers as colours. I didn't realise until into adulthood that not everyone perceives letters and numbers this way, so for a long time I didn't know synesthesia was any different to what other people experience.

3. Last year I got a new job, fixed a lot of problems with my health and life in general. I feel much better for it.

4. I have been trying to curb my hoarding problem and have had some brutal clear-outs, but those have had to go on hold this year, because I've just had too much else on my plate to have time for more clear-outs.

5. I have two pet cats, Maisy and Whizz.

6. For a while now I've been focusing more on writing than drawing, because writing relaxes me and I feel that I'm better at it. Sadly, right now drawing stresses me out and I'm not sure when I'm going to start enjoying it again. Hopefully in time.

7. It makes me sad to vote tactically instead of honestly, but as I've gotten older I've started to understand why people do that...

8. I try to get around my procrastination by doing one thing I've been putting off doing to avoid doing something else I'm putting off doing. It's a weird system, but sometimes it works.

9. Even though I enjoy the Yo-kai Watch games, I've never had any desire to watch the anime for some reason.

10. This year I'm going to Germany and it'll be the first time I've flown on my own. I'm kinda terrified of that, but hopefully it'll make me more prepared for flying alone in future.

11. I tried to grow a plant for the first time this year, but it didn't work out. Guess I don't have green fingers.

12. When I'm stressed, I play Inazuma Eleven games. They'd normally be the kind of games that stress me out, but for some reason I find them super relaxing to play. Shame that they don't seem to be bringing any more of them to Europe. D:

13. Phone and video calls are difficult for me. I try to avoid them if I can.

And here's MJ's questions:

1. Are you excited for Lady Layton? (Or whatever the new title is called.)
Kinda? I'm not avoiding spoilers, but I'm trying to be hands-off about the title because I feel like overthinking things is what ruined the last few Layton games for me. I'm definitely going to be buying the game, but I'm trying to keep my expectations low to avoid disappointment.

2. Harry Potter or Hunger Games?
Well, Harry Potter is the one I've actually read, so by default I have to go with that. But honestly I'm not a big HP fan. There's potential in the HP universe for sure, but now that I'm older I feel like the execution could have been better, I guess?

3. What's your favourite holiday?
It feels wrong to pick, because I've been lucky enough to have some great holidays with my family and friends. As long as everyone's there are we're having a good time then great to me.

4. Going anywhere nice this summer?
Yes! I'm going to Germany in July to stay with KarniMolly and Jetko!

5. Are you sick of Marvel and DC movies? Or just comic book movies in general?
I've never had any interest in them, so I just ignore them. The only one I genuinely liked was Deadpool. For any others I've seen it was more a case of me going to see them because the other person wanted to watch them and I just didn't understand what was going on and/or got bored.

6. Have you read the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy?
Sorry, but no.

7. What are you reading at the moment?
Hahahahaa... sadly nothing. My mountain of backlog books isn't getting any smaller. I think the most recent series I read was the Please Save My Earth manga that my friend Yamigirl21 so kindly sent me.

8. Out of all my OCs, which one do you like best? (Sorry, I stole that one!)
I'm gonna have to go with Mira! She's just so cool and I'm a sucker for that.

9. Did you enjoy Voltron Season 3 if you've seen it? If not... do you have any desire to see it?
Not got Netflix right now, so I haven't seen Voltron. But it is a series that I'm interested in checking out sometime, since so many of my friends think so highly of it. I predict that either Hunk or Coran will be my favourite.

10. What is your all time favourite OTP?
Ooooh, that's a tough one! I guess I have to go with a ship that's endured the test of time for me. Or more accurately, two ships, because I've never been able to pick between them. So those would be Peachshipping (Yuugi/Anzu) and Prideshipping (Yami/Seto). Though of course Crow/Badger gets an honourable mention, even if my history with that ship isn't quite as long as ol' Yu-Gi-Oh yet.

11. What is your dream job?
The step above the job I have now?

12. Favourite Dreamworks movie?
I'm gonna be obnoxious and pick The Prince of Egypt. 8)

13. Any predictions for what might happen in Reset?  Ok, selfish question... Any idea what might happen in Lady Layton?
I'm gonna answer both of these! For the first one, I couldn't even begin to predict what happens in Reset except that maybe Clive will keep showing up as a reporter and it puts Luke on edge. Also maybe Aurora might not die? :3 As for Lady Layton, I'm probably waaay off with this, but I feel that the title change to Layton's Mystery Journey could imply that, if this becomes a series, Katrielle might not be the main character of each title. But again, I'm probably off with that.

Okay, so here's my 13 questions!

1. Do you have a favourite Studio Ghibli movie?
2. Do you live near where you were born?
3. Got any guilty pleasure Youtube videos?
4. Is there any food that you want to like, but just can't?
5. You have to edit out one character from your favourite series! Who would you choose to get rid of and why?
6. What's a good day off like for you?
7. Are there any movies that you feel deserved more attention than they got?
8. How good are you at cooking?
9. Morning person, night person or just tired all the time?
10. Obligatory 'got any pets?' question.
11. Memes - love 'em, hate 'em or indifferent?
12. Any fads (Frozen, Furbies, etc.) that you look back on and think "I'm glad that's over"?
13. Do you have any superstitious beliefs about the number 13?

As for tagging, I'm kinda struggling since a lot of folks either don't use dA now or else don't like filling these in. So I'm going to take a shot in the dark and tag the following (no pressure though):

:iconblushbunnyc3: :icondescolefan1: :iconernestpanda: :iconinkyblackknight: :iconkarnimolly: :iconjetko: :iconmoonstone01: :iconnoe-izumi: :iconpahsmina: :iconsmuddragon: :iconpuketriton: :iconspectrumv: :iconyamigirl21:

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This account is not spoiler-free. Please be cautious if you're looking through fanwork for any of the series I post here.

Sadly, because I work pretty unpredictable shifts in my current job I'm not around very much to reply to messages any more. So I apologise if it takes me a while to get back to you. I appreciate feedback and do always try to get back to everyone as soon as I can though. <3

I am happy for my work to be featured in most groups that ask. However I do NOT want my work to be featured in anti groups (i.e. groups against a certain character, series or pairing) or groups that have anti-homosexuality rules. So if your group has a "NO YAOI/YURI" notice in regards to all posting of queer ships, then I probably won't let my work be featured there. Thank you for understanding.

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